The recession period we are currently going through, and consequently the difficulties we have to face (i.e. finding a job and keeping it), involves changes connected to the family responsibilities such as taking care of the children and our senior citizens. The aim of our project is to study these changes in the light of the reality we are living in our European countries, proposing strategies to reconcile work and family life.


Getting acquainted with current initiatives that allow the reconciliation of work and family life. Identify conflicts created within the work environment and the demands of unpaid work in the home. Think about and propose strategies that could enable the assumption of family responsibilites on an equal basis.

Work Process:

Work process:
1.Family poverty.
2.Gender equality.
3.Extended families-intergenerational solidarity
4.Work and family life balance.

Expected results:

Our purpose is to create a space for reflection that contributes to the personal development of our students by helping them realise the responsibilities they have in their own families and the responsibilities that they will assume in the future, also make proposals that could help them raise awareness of our environment. Last but not least, we aim at encouraging (future) employees to realise the balance between family and work time.