EXTENDED FAMILIES living under the same roofIn this day and age, more than one generations live under the same roof, as children take longer to leave home. Grandparents care for younger children and adults help take care of their aging parents. Older people, on the other hand, often face discrimination and social exclusion.
Senior citizens make up a great part of Europe and 2012 was celebrated as the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between generations. Although that was two years ago, maybe we should all reconsider how the elderly should be treated!

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i. What is the meaning of the term INTERGENERATIONAL SOLIDARITY?

ii.Τhe crisis; income, wealth and consumption. How has the economic state affected older people? How has this affected their social status within the family and society in general?

iii. Unemployment after the age of 50+ and depression for older people; ways of fighting it. Does social participation and being part of a family decrease depressive symptoms at the old age? (Does participation in society make older people happier?)

iv. What is your opinion about the appropriate age kids should move away from home?

v. What is your ideal family? Which is the ideal family size?

vi. Is the concept of "a family" more than a social institution (in other words, does it help people to be part of a family)? Does helping with grandchildren result in the receipt of more help at older ages?

vii.Think about famous works of art (as in painting, books or films) that deal with the issues raised above!

If you would like to get some ideas about some of the questions above, you could browse through a very interesting publication (eds.Börsch-Supan, Axel / Brandt, Martina / Litwin, Howard / Weber, Guglielmo) which is free to read and we are very grateful for that!

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Click on Meograph to create a story about intergenerational solidarity. You can watch a video on how to create a Meograph here.You can post pictures, quotations and all kinds of ideas related to families (of all kinds) and how different generations support each other. Once you have finished, please give your teacher the links to your creations and they will be posted on the stumbleupon page below:


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