You need to think carefully about the following:

  • How well do you know yourself?

Think about your skills and and your abilities, your interests, your values, your needs and your aims in life when it comes to choosing the right profession for you.

  • How well do you know the needs in today's society?

  • How important is for you to have free time? Discuss the consequences of the lack of free time in our lives.

  • How important is for you to discover for yourselves the balance between work and life?

  • Quality of life; think in terms of

  1. external image arrow-10x10.png time
  2. education
  3. technology
  4. having the time to appreciate art
  5. acquiring objects (you possibly do not need)
  6. people placing emphasis on quantity rather than quality in life
  7. quality of life in urban centres
(Miss Smaro Zartaloudi put together the list created above!)

Visit the Pinterest collection below (hand-picked by Miss Maribel) to get some ideas about the questions above. Don't forget to watch the "I will never play footy again" story!

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It is worth mentioning here that a new agreement in France allows employees to ignore their bosses' work emails when they are away from work.

That's good news for all the employess who appreciate the value of free time!

5.1 Think of the questions above, write your ideas in a text document, or post a message on this link, collect photos and videos. Just click on the "contact button". The final product will be presented on a Smore creation!!! You can see the result of your work below!

And some Glogster creations on Work-Life balance! Special thanks goes to Smorera, one of the Spanish students, for coming up with the idea!